Worship, Chapel & Devotionals

Q: Do you teach the children the Bible?

A: Yes, each day your camper will attend a chapel in the morning where they are taught a Bible story and a closing ceremony at the end of the day. During the day your camper will be involved in a Counselor led devotional time.


Q: What is chapel?

A: Chapel is a daily dose of children’s worship, different Bible stories each day that go along with the weekly theme and fun games and competitions.


Q: What is a devotional time?

A: As we call it, a “Devo” (Dee-voh) is a time for the campers to ask questions about the Bible story taught during chapel. It is followed by a discussion that is led by review questions asked by the Counselors.

If you still need more clarification on this, please don’t hesitate to email the Camp Administrator at info@triplec.camp.