Q: Where do I drop off my children?

A: We have a required parent drop off every Monday for camp. This means that you must check your camper in each Monday morning. This will take place just inside the lobby, using the top Russell Branch entrance of the building.

During Morning Extended Care hours (7:00am-8:00am): drop your campers off in the bottom of the building, on the side facing Rt 7. Your child must be signed in each morning.

After regular drop off hours (after 9:00am): please use the bottom Rt 7 entrance.

NOTE: Any early dismissals (prior to 3:00pm) will use the Rt. 7 entrance. Between 3pm and 4pm dismissal, please use the top Russell Branch entrance.

Q: Why do I have to do a Monday morning parent check in?

A: Monday morning parent check in is important because we would like to be sure your camper is properly registered. It is also very important because if we have scheduling changes, waivers that need to be signed, or anything else of this nature, we will have all of this information at Monday morning check in. This will ensure that you are up to date on everything happening throughout the week and that we have everything that we need from you for the week. This is a very important step to having a successful week! Please follow these guidelines. If you are signed up for Extended Care, all of this information will also be with the Extended Care provider. This is another reason that it is very important to sign your child in every morning if you have Extended Care.

Q: Do you pro-rate weeks?

A: We do not pro-rate any weeks of camp, including CCC Session 4 (July 1-5) in observance of Independence Day.

Q: What is your payment schedule?

A: Full tuition payment is not due at time of registration, however, a non-refundable $35 Annual Registration fee (charged once per family) and $35 deposit per session per camper is required at time of registration. These deposits are non-refundable, so please be sure to properly assess your summer before registering. Full payment is due 2 Fridays (10 days) prior to each session’s start date.
2019 Standard Payment Plan Schedule
Session Session Dates Balance Due
CCC 1 June 10-14 May 31
CCC 2 June 17-21 June 7
CCC 3 June 24-28 June 14
CCC 4 July 1-5 June 21
CCC 5 July 8-12 June 28
CCC 6 July 15-19 July 5
CCC 7 July 22-26 July 12
CCC 8 July 29-August 2 July 19
CCC 9 August 5-9 July 26
Please note: Your credit card on file will be automatically charged the remaining session balance on the balance due date listed above.
Q: When does registration close for each session?
A: Registration closes 2 Fridays (10 days) before each session start date. For example you must register by Friday, May 31st at 12pm for your camper to attend CCC Session 1 June 10th-14th.
Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: Cancellations made including all days (business and weekend):
  • 7-14 days prior to the session start date will incur a 50% cancellation fee of the session cost.
  • 4-6 days prior to the session start date will incur a 75% cancellation fee of the session cost.
  • 0-3 days prior to the session start date will incur a 100% (no refund) cancellation fee of the session cost.

Q: Do you teach the children the Bible?

A: Yes, each day your child will attend a chapel in the morning where they are taught a Bible story. During the day your child will be involved in a Counselor led devotional time.


Q: What is chapel?

A: Chapel is a daily dose of children’s worship, different Bible stories each day that go along with the weekly theme and fun games and competitions.


Q: What is a devotional time?

A: It is a time for the campers to ask questions about the Bible story taught during chapel. It is followed by a discussion that is led by review questions asked by the Counselors.


Q: Where do you swim?

A: Dulles Recreational Center in Sterling, VA.


Q: What is Water World?

A: Water World is an onsite activity including a 60ft. water slide and slip-n-slide.


Q: Who watches my campers in the pool?

A: Every place that we go to that has a pool is fully equipped with  life guard staff, but our staff is fully aware that they are responsible to watch the campers and are CPR and First Aid certified.


Q: What do you do on heat advisory days?

A: Each camp has a set of back-up plans for both heat advisory and inclement weather days. This can include going to a free movie, Chuck E Cheese or going to a place like Sports Bounce.


Q: What if my camper has to take medicine or has severe allergies?

A: We have an on-site camp nurse who will administer medications. The medical staff will have a list of all allergies, and will treat any camper that is sick – with permission from the parents. Counselors will also have a list of their campers’ allergies and medications. If your camper needs prescribed medicine administered throughout the day, you will need to turn in a medical authorization form signed by the physician, which is readily available on your registration portal under the Camper Medical Information tab.


Q: What happens if my camper arrives past arrival time on a FunTrip day?

A: Our campers leave the building promptly each Wednesday morning (Tuesday for Session 4) for their various activities, so it is incredibly important that they do not arrive past morning drop off time. If your camper arrives after the group has left, you will be unable to leave your camper on the property. For safety and security reasons, we do not accept any campers on location.


Q: What is the average age of your Counselors?

A: Our Counselors go through an extensive application process, which includes a background check, where they are chosen among many applicants. The average age of the Counselors range from graduating seniors in high school to recent college graduates. We choose the best of the best out of the applicant pool.


Q: Can I shadow or chaperone my camper at camp or on the Funtrip?

A: We do not allow chaperones for the trips simply because each member of our staff has been through an extensive interview process which includes a background check. Please email info@triplec.camp with any questions or concerns.


Q: Is lunch provided?

A: You must provide lunch for your campers every day. For overnight campers, we provide breakfast the following day.


Q: How are my campers grouped for their day to day activities?

A: Many on-campus activities will include all levels of campers. When appropriate, Kindergarten and 1st grade may separate for crafts and games appropriate for their age group. 2nd – 5th graders stay within their grade, but may combine with a nearby grade for certain activities, as appropriate.


Q: How do I begin registering my child/children?

A: On the top of the page, you will see a registration tab.  Clicking on that tab will bring you to a new page hosted by Regpack, our camp database.  You will need to create a new username and password if you are a new user. Returning camp parents will use the same username and password from last year.

Q: What is Regpack?

A: Regpack is our software data system.  This system allows us to process on-line registration as well as securely store camper information.  While clicking on our Registration link, you will be taken to the secure registration page to begin the process.

Q: What if I have a question during the registration process?

A: If you have any technical or general camp questions during the registration process (what is double play, when do you go to the pool, what are the activities, etc.)  you can reach us via email at info@triplec.camp. Please allow up to 48 hours during business days for a response.

Q: What information do I need to provide?

A: As part of the registration process we will need to collect personal information from you and your child.  This includes name, address, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.  You will also be asked questions that will help us better take care of your child including questions on allergies, previous medical conditions, ability to swim, and similar questions.  Every registered camper must have an emergency contact person separate from the child’s parents.  All the information is securely stored and is only available to be viewed by our directorial staff.

Q: What is the registration deadline and payment policy?

A: Registration for each session closes 2 Fridays (10 days) before each session begins. This is also the due date for the total session payment. Please be sure to properly assess your needs, as the $35 deposits are non-refundable.

In order to be registered, you must pay the one time each summer and one per family $35 Annual Registration Fee. Also, you must pay a minimum $35 deposit towards each session for each camper in order to have your spot reserved. Your account will be automatically charged the remaining registration balance on the due date, which is 2 Fridays (10 days) before the session start date.  Any late and/or declined payments will incur a late fee of $25.


Q: How do I obtain a receipt from this summer?

A: At the end of summer, every camp family will receive a receipt for their child that summer, via email.  They are also available by request for TWO (2) MONTHS ONLY after the summer session is complete, via info@triplec.camp.